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Custom Stone

Custom Stone

$ 120.00

Currently back ordered a while. Send email to to get notified when ordering will be available again.


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The stones you see pictured here are not what you will be buying. They are just there to give you some ideas of what I can create. I’m sure you can think of something better…

Order Instructions:

1.) Place your order.

2.) Once you order I will have a follow up via email and we chat on any social media platform or email. You will be able to give me the high resolution image / idea you want me to reference for your stone. **Do NOT order if you don’t have a reasonable quality photo I can refer to. Not sure email me first at**

3.) I will then begin my search for 2 rocks I feel will suite your image. Please allow a few days for my search for your stones. Then I will email photos of them both to you so you can decide between them. **NO rocks over 10 inches in height, width, or depth will be used.**

4.) Turnaround time is anywhere from 1-4 weeks from purchase date depending on how many stones I'm casting at the time. Remember each stone is handmade and one of a kind.

5.) Receive your stone in the mail, set it on the mantelpiece and enjoy it forever. FOREVER!


Stone description: 

Every stone I cast is a one of a kind to your request. They are individually handcrafted to protrude from the contours of the chosen rock using automotive body filler (very sturdy). Then painted with acrylics and finished with a weatherproof matte. The stone that it is sculpted on is a stone.



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