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A single comma shaped history? Yes, it's about death


Why is this topic so important to me?

After a ton of study I found this is the key point as to where I inherited the belief I had growing up before coming into the faith. What was that belief? That humans become our “guardian angels” when they die.

That may seem like a harmless, although all throughout my life unusual things would occur around the time of someone dying, it was undeniable. Talking to a ton of others throughout my life I’ve found that the same sorts of things happened for them as well.

I didn’t stop at believing they became my “guardian angels” though. Since unusual things would start happening I would go on thinking I was interacting with them - praying to them, and that they were giving me “signs”, essentially becoming my “spirit guides”. Sound relatable?

All it took was hearing - “necromancy is an abomination to God” and “humans and angels are two completely different creations, they don’t become one another” - for me to admit that I was doing and believing things that were an abomination to God. Scripture called me out, I was wrong according to beliefs I formed from the subjective “spiritual experiences” of my 30 something years on earth. Sound familiar?

Once I admitted that, I asked God to prove it. The 3 months that followed put me through spiritual warfare I couldn’t believe was possible. From having a convulsing experience to having my new age bookshelf rip off my wall, to voices telling me “You know God now!” trying to get me to “Go be with him!”(kill myself). He definitely proved it, or allowed it to be proven using the adversary. Although, convulsing experience alone, makes me believe I was already demon possessed from how I was living prior.

Job 38:1-7 shows us angels shouted for joy when they saw earth come forth, meaning they were created before day 3 of creation when the earth was formed from the waters. Angels also do not procreated, Jesus tells us this in Matthew 22. From the start, myriads and myriads were created and that’s it(Unclean spirits/demons are a different topic).

Genesis 1:26-31 tells us man was created day 6 of creation at least 3 days after angels were created. Angels and humans are two completely different creations, and they do not become one another. Now, there is a resurrection event still to come, where all believers will be given glorified bodies. That is where this misinterpretation of Scripture comes in leading to the belief humans become angels. I cover this fully in the video.

If you take that misinterpretation with “the game of telephone“ and include it into a period of time where we’re vulnerable and grieving after someone we know dies, what happens? Well, our adversary, satan, and his demons hop all over that opportunity. They’ll come to you in a “loving” way to deceive (2 Cor. 11:14-15) you by causing unusual things to happen in that period of time playing off your “spiritual beliefs”. Yes, if you’ve experienced this, it is highly likely you’ve interacted with demons. It is not the person that just died you’re interacting with.

Demons have been around long before you and I, the same ones, they also don’t procreate, they can’t hear your thoughts either, but they can piece information about you together to gather your beliefs to continue leading you astray and deceiving you. Angels were created to help man, so, I don’t believe they’re contributing to causing unusual things to happen in your life fueling the deception. I would say they stay back in hopes you turn to the word of God instead. Always goto the Creator and not His created things for prayer.

Mark 5:13 tells us demons are capable of entering animals. I would not put it past the adversary to even use animals in this way to contribute to your deception, while grieving. The only way to guard yourself against deception is to build up your discernment by studying the Word of God. Jesus Himself in Matthew 4:10 used Scripture to make satan leave Him.

Now, do I think you or I, were intentionally trying to be an abomination to God by believing this deception? No, we were ignorant of what we were doing because of our lack of knowledge of Yahweh’s instructions for His creation. Leviticus 4:27 tells us our heavenly Father took this into account and included an atonement process specifically for unintentional sins in His instructions. And guess what? His son, Jesus is now our everlasting great high priest that handles that atonement and through our faith in Him we are forgiven for being an abomination to His Father, even if we were unknowingly an abomination to Him. He is just, but also shows us an incredible amount of mercy and grace if we choose Him.

Repent(change your mind), and put your faith in Christ, receive the deposit of the Holy Spirit, enter into your sanctification, pick up the Word of God, build your discernment, and watch it change your life. Better yet, I look forward to seeing you with our new glorified bodies in God’s future kingdom to come, here on earth!


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