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0:25 - Jesus is a relationship

1:55 - Necromancy is an abomination to God

2:34 - "Once somebody is dead, that's it!" "Kept By Jesus Christ" 1 John 5:14-21 sermon by Robb Brunansky from Desert Hills Bible Church

2:57 - THE REAL REASON FOR THE FLOOD? "Why Did God REALLY Flood the World? (2022)

3:18 - The Complete 54-Book Apocrypha: 2022 Edition With the Deuterocanon, 1-3 Enoch, Giants, Jasher, Jubilees, Pseudepigrapha, & the Apostolic Fathers

3:45 - WHAT ARE DEMONS? (2023)

6:37 - "Sin rant"

7:47 - "Repentance rant"

9:39 - "The heart of the Gospel!!" John MacArthur "Doctrine of Substitution" - 2 Corinthians 5:21

10:31 - The Reformation of the church

11:18 - "My upbringing"

12:13 - DIVINITY Study! The word "Word" in John 1:1 - Greek "Logos"

12:32 - Paedobaptism

13:25 - "You think you can be your own god." "We're all god." "god is within all of us."

14:47 - Start of "Manic episode rant"

15:05 - "Seeing white robed figures" rant

16:23 - "Demonic infection"

17:16 - Physically grabbed by demonic entity story

19:00 - Second story of physical demonic attack

19:50 - Necromancy dream of my Grandfather

22:50 - Escaping from the mental hospital story

26:00 - Depression starts after mania

26:30 - The "professionals" had no clue what they were talking about explaining to me what I experienced in mania

27:11 - Medication starts

28:00 - Experience of manic episiode changes from "spiritual" to "paranoia"

28:20 - Manic experience litature. Stanislav Grof schitzophrenia study

29:21 - My first time hearing of the correlation of "mental illness" and unclean spirit influence on them

30:00 - Plant "medicines" tail-chasing

31:25 - My new take on plant medicines rant

32:05 - Dating app story associated with a death

34:18 - Saguaro cactus phsycadelic experience and alcohol

34:36 - Saguaro cactus alkaloid list

35:39 - 2nd hypo-manic episode story

36:30 - First experience of seeing how the Bible helped the attacks of mania

37:00 - Unclean spirit tries instilling the idea that I need to kill myself off a cliff to be with "god" to help him

38:00 - Correlation between spirits of plant medicines and manic episode voices

39:15 - The start of developing my conservative economic view point from operating a business

39:40 - Story of speaking my mind politically in 2020 and being attacked by the skateboard world

39:57 - G. Edward Griffin "More Deadly Than War"

39:59 - Yuri Bezmenov KGB Defector

41:53 - Other people diagnosed bipolar reach out about how the Bible helps them during manic episodes

42:00 - Explanation of 2 paintings I made during my first manic episode. Thinking I was Jesus and MK-Ultra mind control from a satelite

44:15 - Explanation of making a 15 video series for my supplement business

45:40 - 2020 "redpills" the world leading to a logo change in my business

46:10 - "My type of capitalism"

47:05 - Federal reserve rant associating it with the adversary and how it operates backed with scripture

47:38 - What's backing the federal reserve explained

48:40 - Logo change in my business. Rebuking "one eye" symbolism

49:40 - Explanation of how I first heard "Necromancy is an abomination to God"

50:40 - 15 video series posting starts, pet dies leading to digging into understanding how necromancy is an abomination to God

52:45 - Worldly "help" just leads to deeper bondage in the world. "Knowing You Have Eternal Life" 1 John 5:1-13 Sermon by Robb Brunansky from Desert Hills Bible Church

53:15 - I start reading the Bible

53:25 - Demonic attacks start to ramp-up in my life!!

54:00 - Start of my story about having a demonic convulsing experience

55:02 - Rant about the spirit of religion coming to me in the convulsing experience

55:40 - One of the most common testimony experiences I heard from people that grew up in church

56:13 - The "Christianity is about control" LIE explained!!!


58:58 - Unclean spirit tries convincing me to kill myself again so that I can go be with god to help him.

1:00:00 - BORN AGAIN!!!

1:02:09 - Demonic manifestation in the physical world rips a bookshelf off my wall

1:04:00 - The Bible is the only thing keeping me on this planet

1:04:15 - Spiritual warfare, demonic gout attack, etc...

1:05:35 - Owen Benjamin helps me through stopping porn and masterbation

1:05:55 - Owen introduces the concept of "The Trinity" to me

1:06:16 - Owne Benjamin vs MadeByJimBob Trinity "Debate"

1:06:22 - The video that introduced me into "the trinity" doctrine


1:08:10 - Jerry Marzinsky "An Amazing Journey Into the Psychotic Mind - Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower"

1:08:33 - Jerry Marzinsky finds out the Bible agitates demons in others by bringing the word into his counceling sessions

1:10:00 - Story how I found out the sufficientcy of scripture. SCRIPTURE ALONE!! God's Word is our all!

1:11:15 - Learning about and experiencing the concept of deliverance ministry

1:11:25 - Arizona Deliverance Center

1:11:45 - Planos Spirits! book by brother Mike Smith of Arizona Deliverance Center

1:11:50 - Brief explanation of Mike Smith finding out about demons in his mainstream counciling career leading him to deliverance ministry

1:12:22 - How I pieced it together that my "mental illness" and a vast amount is heavily influenced by the adversary

1:12:52 - Rant about how ordinary people never diagnosed with "mental illness" are still being influenced by unclean adversarial spirits

1:13:40 - "baptism shopping" story starts

1:13:46 - Unequally yoked is real and it's intense

1:14:10 - "Church shopping" story begins

1:14:21 - How the deliverance ministry service is conducted. Casting out of demons.

1:15:40 - My first church attendance story begins. A "oneness" apostolic church...

1:16:15 - How I found out about "the trinity"

1:16:35 - Super "over-corrected"

1:16:45 - Exegesis, eisegesis, hermenuetics... How different denominations come to be.

1:17:15 - "Test the spirits" 1 John 4:1-3 how it helped me out-out-of-context. Scripture out of context debate.

1:18:55 - "Church shopping" story continues and all of the chaos that entailed and what I learned from it

1:19:56 - Theology, concordance, and word meanings rant

1:20:07 - All the different meanings of the word "God" in Hebrew (elohim) in the Old Testament

1:20:19 - Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible

1:21:25 - "If Jesus comes, you're not making it." story from the apostolic church

1:22:50 - "Get out from behind the bushes!" "No smartphone! No internet!" my introduction into church legalisms

1:23:45 - Church rituals for salvation story

1:24:35 - My "spiral" of being introduced to the concept of different denominations

1:24:55 - The denomination quiz I did probably 20 times throughout my months and months of church shopping.

1:25:02 - Denomination joke

1:25:25 - Blown away from my experiences church shopping and how Christianity is very messy

1:25:40 - A salvation moment occurs after tons of church shopping. True spiritual warfare rant.

1:25:56 - Frustration rant towards the "church"

1:28:10 - Rant about repenting over all the searching I was doing in my life. My Ecclesiastes life...


1:29:05 - Guilt of pushing out sinful things in my skateboarding career goes away

1:29:10 - Rant about how I think I became a target for demonic influence from a young age


1:30:30 - Voddie Baucham tough truth clip about idolitry and fulfilment in life by putting God over everything in your life, including your marriage and family!

1:31:18 - Anything "good" of this world rant

1:31:40 - Reading out of the "bible" I made during my first manic episode to show how decptive the adversary is

1:33:50 - Closing rant. TURN TO JESUS!!

1:35:20 - Closing prayer

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